2022 Year at a Glance!

So many Events! What were we thinking? Now, get out your phone and add all of these dates in your calendar.

You can also take a picture of this page, bookmark it, or even (gasp!) print it out. Woot!

The wheel continues to turn, and we continue to plan events for you…..

Note: We are optimistic that all events in 2022 will be ‘on site’, and not Zoom meetings. But check the webpage for each event for updates as its date approaches. (Also our Facebook page).

Now! Get out your calendar and start plugging in ALL of these dates!

  • January 8th: Open Circle
  • January 16th: Earth Energy Walk, Quail Hollow
  • January 18th, 2021: Community Well
  • February 5th: IMBOLC Ritual
  • February 12th: Open Circle
  • February 15th: Community Well
  • February 20th: Earth Energy Walk, Glenwood Preserve (East)
  • March 12th: Open Circle
  • April 9th: Open Circle IN PERSON
  • April 19th: Community Well
  • April 30th: BELTANE Ritual IN PERSON
  • May 14th: Open Circle
  • June 11th: Open Circle
  • June 17-20th: SOLARIS
  • July 9th: Open Circle
  • July 30th: LAMMAS Ritual
  • August 13th: Open Circle
  • September 3rd: Annual Yard Sale
  • September 10th: Open Circle
  • September 18th: Equinox Earth Energy Walk, Glenwood Preserve (East)
  • October 8th: Open Circle
  • November 5th: SAMHAIN Ritual
  • November 12th: Open Circle
  • December 10th: Yule Social

Open Circles are on 2nd Saturdays. Gather at 2pm, ritual at 2:30pm.

Everything else will get its own page on this Site (and Facebook) as its time comes closer.