Glenwood Open Space Preserve, Scotts Valley

This last remaining undeveloped land in Scotts Valley continues to be forests, meadows, riparian areas and wetlands. Glenwood is home to a high number of rare and endangered species, including the Ohlone tiger beetle, Opler’s longhorn moth and the Scotts Valley spineflower. The land also works to recharge the aquifer beneath it, the prime source of water for the community.


This is a series of hiking trails located just above Scotts Valley High School. From Santa Cruz take the ‘2nd’ Scotts Valley exit, Granite Creek. Continue on around and over the highway. This will leave you at a strange intersection of Granite Creek Road, Scotts Valley Drive, and Glenwood Drive. Cross (as best you can, it’s roughly a right followed by an immediate left) directly across the intersection and you will be on Glenwood Drive. Continue on up 1/2 a mile until you see Scotts Valley High School. There is a small parking lot for the Preserve on the right, just past the high school. Meet there!