Ongoing Events

Ongoing Events!

Community Seed is a volunteer based non-profit organization. Our Mission is to provide the local Pagan community with opportunities to create closer bonds of love and understanding with one another, through community service, publications, events, and ritual celebrations.

We organize, host, and promote events that enrich and improve our lives, our world, and our community in the Santa Cruz region and beyond. We welcome one and all to take part in our events; you do not have to identify yourself as a Pagan to participate.

Open Circle:

  • The intention of this Circle is to provide a regular meeting place for Pagan worship in Santa Cruz. It has been our goal over the past 20 years to create a ritual style that is suitable for many Pagan traditions. We recognize and honor the diversity within our culture. In our ritual tradition, we recognize both male, female (and everything between, beyond and non!) aspects of deity, invoke elemental guardians, cast circle, and raise energy together for the good of all. Newcomers are always welcome!
  • Meets every month, on the second Saturday. Gather at 2:30pm, ritual at 3:00pm. No Open Circle in December because that’s when we all do our Yule Celebration!
  • If the meeting is in person, it will be held at the Santa Cruz Quaker Meeting Hall, 225 Rooney St, Santa Cruz, CA 95065
  • If the meeting is online, a Zoom link will be posted on that page of the website and also on Community Seed’s Facebook page

Earth Energy Walks:

  • Note: Walks are currently on hiatus.
  • What better way to start your day, or end your week than a meditative walk through a forest, meadow or seaside ridge? The purpose of this monthly event is to help us to ‘tune in’ and walk in harmony with nature.
  • Meets every month, on the third Sunday. Gather at 10:45am, walk at 11am.
  • Masks and Social Distancing will be enacted during these Special Times.


  • We invite you to co create and participate in our Public Rituals! We present the Four Major Sabbats. Our goal is to provide a place in which to celebrate in a sacred environment and connect with our spiritual families by welcoming the Spring, lighting the Beltane Fire, celebrating the First Harvest and honoring the solemn rites of Samhain.

    Open Circle

    Open Circle

  • Meets 4 times a year, generally on the Saturday closest to the Cross-Quarter day. Check the main page for individual posts for the next rite.


  • Our four day, clothing optional, pagan camping event near Pescadero. Share your knowledge and power in our daily playshops (aka workshops). Lounge by the gigantic pool. Experience magick making and energy raising in our nightly rituals. Relax, explore, and just BE. We create an environment of acceptance, love and trust, and an atmosphere that feels safe and welcoming. Come share your stories and songs by the fire (and learn a few new ones). Enjoy communal meals, sharing and cooking food in the community kitchen, Tribal communion and merry making by night.
  • Meets on the weekend closest to the Summer Solstice. Check the Main Page after January (or so) for an Updated Solaris page.

If you have any questions about any of our activities, please contact us at (831) 469-0336, or

Blessed be.