DeLaveaga Park – George Washington Grove

Not many people who come to the DeLaveaga Park are aware of this grove of hundreds of redwood trees planted in honor of George Washington. This portion of DeLaveaga park is about 3 acres and has nearly 160 Sequoia sempervirens trees, and one special walnut tree brought here from Mount Vernon. There is also a Cedar of Lebanon as well as one hickory tree which was planted by Jose Vicente DeLaveaga in his original development.


We meet at the George Washington Grove, which is NOT the main entrance to the park! If you are coming north on Branciforte Drive from Santa Cruz, pass by the main entrance to DeLaveaga Park. About 1/4 of a mile further along you will see another entrance to the park on your right. Take it! That’s the George Washington Grove and 40 Thieves picnic ground, where we present Beltane, the Lammas, and a picnic event or two every year. Meet at the end of the parking lot.