Moore Creek Preserve, Highway 1

Moore Creek Preserve (previously known as the Bombay Property) features high quality habitats, including wildflower fields, coastal prairie, rare examples of coast live oak, and riparian forest. A number of rare, threatened and endangered wildlife and plant species inhabit the property, including the red-legged frog, Ohlone tiger beetle, and the San Francisco popcorn flower.


We use the Lower entrance. From Highway 17, take Highway 1 North. Bear Right onto Mission Street. Follow Mission Street through town. Parking is on Shaffer Road (just past Western Drive), on the street. Cross Highway 1 (carefully!). Hike begins near the gate and cattle stile across Highway 1. Also available is a “bike corral” for cyclists. Follow Mission to Highway 1 North (A.K.A Coast Road). Left on Shaffer (just North of Western). Park on the street. Cross Highway 1 (carefully!) Meet near the gate/cattle stile.