What is Community?

What is Community?

This is a challenging question as the answer continues to evolve, expand, and change. The answer varies from person to person and from group to group. Many times over I have written about what Community Seed is and why we do the things that we do. But what is our ideal of community? I will do my best…

Community is many things to many people. We seek others of like heart and mind so that we are not isolated and alone. We seek connection with family and tribe so that we can feel supported and loved, and in return to offer the same. When we feel joy and happiness, we want to be around people to share it with.

It is simple, really.

And what of this idea of a Pagan community? Yes, that is a lovely idea isn’t it? We are a diverse culture and we are finding each other every day. At Community Seed’s monthly Open Circles, Sabbats, Nature Walks, other events, and even over the internet we are meeting new people all the time; people seeking real connection with others that embrace a love for the Earth and all living things, and a relationship with the Mother.

This is happening all over the world. We are everywhere, truly.

We are the children of the Goddess. Our hands are her hands, our hearts are her hearts and we have come to this Earth to do her work. We as a community are called together to serve this greater work. We are, all of us, the hands, hearts, minds, and voices of the Divine.

Let us choose to love, serve, and remember that each of us is a sacred being with a great work to do in our lifetime.

I am reminded every day that our community is far from perishing. Every time we gather together hand to hand and heart to heart, we remind each other of what is possible. Every time we engage authentically with one another, we take another step towards the realization of our dream of a peaceful world. Our community is alive and well, and our love and togetherness is the solution! We can be the difference in each other’s lives as we choose to grow and evolve as a tribe. There are world events and atrocities that may shake us to our very cores, but we should not forget how exquisitely beautiful life is, and how togetherness makes us strong.

All things are possible; they just take time.

The bigger the dream, the more time it seems to take for it to come to pass. Our community is evolving, changing and growing all the time just like our world! As we continue to use our minds, our hands, and our voices. As we refuse to let our hearts be broken, and choose to love fiercely. We will see our way through the darkest times and into the light that is on the other side.

Let’s make our way together as community; a Pagan community.

Blessings on your journey!
Tymn Urban – Co-founder